A Vaginal Cream Called Generic Flagyl

Generic flagyl vaginal cream known commonly as metronidazole cream is a special kind of cream that is used to fight bacteria .This cream helps fight and prevent bacterial infections in the body.  As the name implies, generic flagyl vaginal cream (metronidazole cream) is used to treat vaginal infections in the vagina area. Vaginal infection is different from the yeast infection in which generic flagyl is not intended for it. Metronidazole cream or generic flagyl belongs to the type of medication known as antibiotics. It is commonly used for treatment of vaginal, abdominal, and intestinal infections.  Generic flagyl (metronidazole cream) works by killing further reproduction of bacteria. Vaginal infection is commonly called as vaginal vaginosis.

Different people with different conditions may have different prescribed dosage of the generic flagyl (metronidazole cream). The factors that may affect one’s prescribe dosage are body weight, age, severity of medical conditions, and presence of other medication they are using and taking in. The patient should not change his prescribed dosage without consulting first his doctor.

The prescribed dosage for the generic flagyl (Metronidazole cream) is application of the cream into the affected vaginal area once or twice a day.

This medicine is available only with your doctor’s prescription. It is not advised to give same medication to other people who are experiencing the same infection and symptoms, without consulting their doctor first. This is because the latter may have different severity of the infection as compared to the other. It is advised to apply the cream regularly to the assigned areas in accordance with the regular schedule as prescribed by the doctor. It is important to finish the required length of time of the medication to totally kill the bacteria and reduce its risk of coming back.

The generic flagyl (Metronidazole cream) should be stored at room temperature where there is protection against light and moisture; this is to keep the effectiveness of the cream. It should also be stored on areas out of children to prevent unnecessary and harmful consumption.

Although prescribed and suggested by doctors, the patient cannot escape with some side effects of generic flagyl (metronidazole cream). The side effects of generic flagyl (Metronidazole cream) include stinging and burning of skin (skin discomfort), skin irritation, redness, dryness and numbness of extremities. The generic flagyl (metronidazole cream) also result to tearing of the eyes, in case it came to contact with eyes. The generic flagyl may interact with other medications that the patient is currently undertaking, so it is important to talk and seek first the advice and prescription of a doctor.

People who intends to buy cheaper generic flagyl vaginal cream will have a tendency to look for a pharmaceutical store where they can buy cheaper generic flagyl (metronidazole cream). Many online pharmacies offer to sell generic flagyl in a discounted price, thus, making the medications, generic flagyl vaginal cream very affordable.  Though there will be an affordable price for the drug, it is important to consider also to not sacrificing the quality of the drug. It is also important to choose the right pharmaceutical drug that protects its customer while making transactions online.