Generic Flagyl and Its Many Uses

Generic Flagyl belongs to a group of antibiotics called nitromidazoles.  This antibiotic medication is most particularly used in fighting against protozoa and anaerobic bacteria.  Generic Flagyl is classified as an antibiotic, antiprotozoal, and amebicide.  Generic Flagyl is often the drug of choice for initial infections against Clostridium difficile.  The truth is that this medication is able to treat a lot of bacterial infections such as that involving joints, respiratory tract, skin, stomach, and vagina.  This drug will however not treat yeast infection in the vagina.

As mentioned earlier, generic Flagyl is classified under three group of drugs, as an antibiotic, as an antiprotozoal, and as a amebicide.  The list below shows the different conditions that generic Flagyl can do under the three classifications:

As Antibacterial:

  1. Pseudomembranous colitis – this condition is triggered by the bacterium Clostridium difficile and is characterized through diarrhea that is foul-smelling and is often accompanied by fever and abdominal pain due to colon inflammation.  If you suffer from this condition, it is likely that you doctor is going to prescribe you with some generic Flagyl.
  2. Peptic Ulcer – this condition is triggered by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and is characterized by acute gastritis and accompanying stomach pains.  Normally, patients are given penicillin to treat the bacterial infection.  However, if you are allergic to penicillin or perhaps through preference, your doctor will prescribe you to take generic Flagyl.

As Amebicide:

  1. Amoebiasis – this condition is triggered by the protozoan Entamoeba histolytica and its symptoms are characterized by diarrhea.  Amoebiasis is normally acquired through the intake of contaminated water or even food where contaminated water has been used to wash uncooked food like green salads.

As Antiprotozoal:

  1. Trichomoniasis – this condition is triggered by the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis and is normally called as a sexually transmitted disease.  This condition is characterized by the inflammation of the vagina for female, or urethral inflammation in men.  The main trouble with this condition is the difficult in urinating and sexual intercourse.  Yellowish to greenish discharge is the telltale sign of this condition along with the foul-smelling odor.  Most patients who have this condition are prescribed with generic Flagyl to help treat the condition.  Keep in mind that if you have this condition, it is likely that your partner may also have acquired it, so both of you may need to take generic Flagyl and avoid contact until both of you are fully cured.  This is because if one of you still has the condition, even if it has weakened, it is likely that you will still acquire it.

When you have been prescribed with generic Flagyl by your doctor, make sure to strictly follow the directions given to you.  Never increase or decrease the dosage and never take more than the number of times instructed to you per day just to hasten the effect and treatment.  Additionally, never attempt to skip a dose as your infection may be able to develop resistance towards the drug you are using.  If you notice any rashes, itching, or any odd developments upon ingesting generic Flagyl, make sure to stop using the drug and contact your doctor immediately and inform him the details of your experience.