Generic Flagyl Metronidazole is Your Cheaper Alternative to the Branded Antibiotic

When it comes to antibiotic drugs like Flagyl, normally, people prefer using or buying the branded drug because they feel assured that they are getting the best overall effect and treatment they need against the bacterial infection they may have.  While this logic is very acceptable, it however denies generic medications the ability to come back from the stigma that it has been branded upon – as poor quality and less effective.  The truth is that no all generic drugs should be identified as such because there are many other generic medicines out there that conform to how a generic drug should be.  Take for instance metronidazole, the generic version of Flagyl.  This generic Flagyl is actually also very effective in treating bacterial infections, the same way as the antibiotic drug it has been copied from.

Metronidazole is basically your generic Flagyl.  Even though this generic Flagyl is in essence generic in form, it is actually equally as effective because it shares the same ingredients the branded Flagyl antibiotic drug is made of.  This in essence makes generic Flagyl very much the same as that of the branded one.  The only differences is that the generic Flagyl has no brand and that it is significantly much cheaper than the branded one.

People normally buy and use antibiotics when they have an infection that is bacterial in nature.  There are actually different forms of antibiotic drugs and each differ in potency and mechanism of action.  Because of this, doctors prescribe different antibiotics on particular bacterial infection cases even though other antibiotics have the capacity to treat the infection as well.  For urinary tract infection that is caused by bacteria, Flagyl or generic Flagyl is the drug mostly prescribed by doctors.  This is mostly because the main action of generic Flagyl and its branded version is the inhibiting of the growth and multiplication of the bacteria.  This allows generic Flagyl to completely purge the infection from the body.

If your doctor has prescribed you to take a course of generic Flagyl in treating your infection, it is very important that you finish the course of generic Flagyl that has been given to you.  Completing your generic Flagyl antibiotic course is necessary because quitting halfway means that it is possible that you may not have completely purged the bacteria from your system.  Even if you are already feeling fine and well, there is a high chance that the bacteria has only been weakened by generic Flagyl antibiotics that you have been taking.

If you are to quit at this point means you not only give the bacteria a chance to recover from their weakened state, but you also possibly are making them resistant now against generic Flagyl and other similar forms of antibiotics.  This means instead of being able to use generic Flagyl again for treating bacterial infections, you will need to buy more powerful but also more expensive antibiotic drugs because many of the bacteria in your system will now have developed resistance towards generic Flagyl. This issue is actually quite a common dilemma faced by many doctors and scientists as a lot of people have now developed bacteria that are resistant against common antibiotics like generic Flagyl.