Is It Safe to Mix Metronidazole and Alcohol?

Metronidazole is an effective antibacterial solution for any types of infections, such as vaginosis and yeast infections. The proven track of this drug in dealing such ailments has made it popular among the doctors around the world that it became among the most prescribed medication for treating infections. However, as a potential user you should know certain dos and don’ts before taking the medication. For a complete guide, you may discuss with your doctor about your condition and the whole treatment process.

Most people find drinking an almost daily routine, or a way to unwind. The bad news is that if you were prescribed with the antibiotics drug, you are not allowed to take metronidazole and alcohol together. You should know that drinking alcoholic beverages while your metronidazole treatment is ongoing might trigger symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, flushing, and stomach discomforts. If you prefer to drink alcohol while taking metronidazole, the annoying symptoms may continue to bother you a day after you have stopped the medication.

Metronidazole basically has properties that can hinder the body from breaking down alcohol in the system. This in return can cause accumulation of the substance acetaldehyde, thus magnifying the potential side effects mentioned above. Once you have ingested alcohol during medications, the onset of the nasty side effects would start 10 minutes after, and these may last for a couple of hours. As we have mentioned, it can continue for 24 hours even if you have stopped the medication.

The interaction between metronidazole and alcohol can be very dangerous since it can become severe and unpredictable. The interaction can also magnify other side effects of the metronidazole drug, and instead of treating your condition it could become worst. Although this was not yet formally proven in the medical field, several cases were reported where patients suffered extreme side effects linked with metronidazole and alcohol. Thus, to ensure your safety and faster recover, we encourage you to follow the traditional way of taking your metronidazole medications. Temporarily stop drinking alcoholic beverages until you have fully recovered from your condition.

What are the other precautions to know before taking metronidazole?

When you are prescribed with metronidazole, you should avoid other medications such as oral coumarin anticoagulants. You should also inform your doctor if you are taking any herbal supplements, and other drugs to treat other health issues. This is to prevent other potential drug interactions which could be very dangerous. Pregnant women should also ask for an alternative treatment rather than jumping immediately to the medication to avoid potential harmful effects to the baby.

Lastly, always remember not to share your medication with your friends or other people you know. The medicine is especially prescribed for you, so never attempt to use it for other’s treatment even if they seem to have the same symptoms. Keep your medicines at the most secured place away from children’s reach.