What is Flagyl Prescribed for? Examples of Issues it can Treat

Flagyl is an antibiotic drug that is very effective in eliminating infections caused by bacteria. It is specifically effective on ones that are anaerobic in nature.  As to the question on what is Flagyl prescribed for, since an antibiotic treatment drug, therefore it is mostly prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infections.  The antibiotic treatment property of Metrondazol is very potent.  This is the reason why it is very effective against a multitude of bacterial diseases and infections.  If you develop bacteria related infections, you will have a better chance in treating your infection effectively using Flagyl antibiotics.

Treat Bacterial and Protozoan Infection

Since Flagyl also has treatment properties that works on protozoa, doctors may also prescribe Flagyl to patients with protozoan infection.  Basically, on the aspect of what is this drug prescribed for, the answer would be as treatment for bacterial and protozoan infections.  Both microscopic organism can create varying degree of infections and damage to the body.  If you use Flagyl to treat such infections, you will be able to effectively and efficiently get rid of the infection that has developed in your body.  As a treatment drug though, Flagyl is more prescribed for its antibiotic treatment properties.  Even so, at the very least, Metronidazole can help in remedying protozoan infection issues.

What is Flagyl prescribed for?

Urinary Tract Infection – this is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract system.  If you develop this infection, most doctors will prescribe you with Flagyl as treatment.  It is important to treat this infection as soon as possible as not only is the condition painful, but the chance of the issue infecting other areas, particularly the kidney is possible.  Although this issue is more prevalent and occurs more frequently in females, men too have the capacity to develop this issue under certain conditions.

Bacterial Vaginosis – this is a vaginal disease that is caused by bacteria.  The cause is mainly from the imbalance of naturally-occurring bacteria in the vagina.  This condition is often mistaken as vaginal yeast infection.  It is important to consult your doctor if you develop this condition so you can be prescribed with Flagyl antibiotics for treatment as well as instructions on your antibiotic course treatment.  The duration of treatment for this bacterial condition is usually up to seven days.

Trichomoniasis – this is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis.  This condition is the common cause of inflammation of the vagina. Some of the symptoms will include urethritis and cervicitis.  If you have this issue, you will feel discomfort not only in urination, but also during sexual contact.  Vaginal discharge that has a foul smelling odor is also apparent.

Flagyl is the Best Antibiotic

The list above is just some of the conditions that help answer the question on what is Flagyl prescribed for.  If you develop any of the bacterial and protozoan infection issues mentioned above or any type of infection that is either bacterial or protozoan in nature, it is recommended that you consult your issue with a medical professional.  This will allow proper findings to be found.  In addition to this, the most ideal treatment will be prescribed to you.